Monday, August 11, 2014

SOUS Project Life Challenge Reveal

Hi all!

Hope you are all doing well.  This week, Stuck on U Sketches has a Project Life Challenge I just loved.  You are to use a quote card on your PL spread. There are so many of them out there that are pre-made, but you can also use die cuts, stamps and even your old fashioned typewriter to make these, and they can have such an impact on your page.  I grabbed a spread I made several weeks ago that had one on it, but you will usually find them on all of my Project Life spreads. I like to think my future generations will pause and take the wisdom those quotes have in them.  Live Love Laugh is one of my favorite bits of advise for everyone. I find it to be the perfect recipe for happiness.

The cards were made using a bit of paint, some cards from the April and January Project Life kits I got from Studio Calico.  I also used a template design they had one month I chose blue and yellow as my theme for that week, but the dirt in the pics really created a call for peach too. So I put pink digital paper in the template and added a peach colored heart I die cut using the same paper on a larger scale which I could do with the silhouette.  I added one more picture from week 20 to this page though the majority of the page is for week 21.  The sky was so awesome when we were getting tornado warnings that I just wanted to add it to the book even though there was no room on the previous page.  I am going in consecutive order but every now and then you just have to stray for the sake of art.  

Well head on over the Stuck On U Sketches to see what other words of wisdom the other designers have to offer.  It not inspired in project life, you may even find your mantra for happiness.   Tootles for now!

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