Saturday, August 25, 2012

When I realized...

I met my stepson when he was 14.  He was a great kid then and always a source of pride to my Husband.  This year I realized he is no longer a kid.  He has the best qualities of his dad and has take on the responsiblity of a job, a girlfriend and realizes the importance of strong family values.  In his 20th year, I realized, he is now a man.

The papers are from Bo Bunny's Garden.  The title was made using old stickers I had fromyears ago.  The iron fence border used above the pic is a Halloween Punch Border from Martha Stewart.  I just tucked the bats beneath the picture mat.  I used black to match the jouraling pen.   I cut the embellishments from Art Philosophy trying to keep the circle pattern of the paper.  The border from beside and under the picture are also from Martha Stewarts border punches. The stamps are from Close to My Heart.  The buttons are from Making Memories.  I made the chevron stamp from Teresa Collins Stamp Maker to make a washi tape look.  I highlighted the year of 2012 using a white gel pen on the oval die cut beside it, which answers the question of when I realized Justin has become a man.   

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