Saturday, April 12, 2014

End of School Days

I tried my hand at Mixed Media.  I am taking this month's class at Studio Calico and am finding out how fun getting messy is.  I loved this pic of my DD and how she really looks all grown up as she is about to graduate from College.
.The picture I grabbed off of Facebook was really yellow. I had to do some edits to tone it back to natural, but kept the red and yellow theme of the dresses.  I matted the paper in Matte Medium and then spread Gesso over it when it had dried.  I then used the radial Studio Calico stencil and filled that with Gesso a well., letting it dry over night. I then just put spots of red and yellow all over the paper and spread it with water. Edging it in Teal to match the title.  I took a strip of Studio Calico text paper and colored in the icons and highlghted the phrase in yellow water paint.  I cut the doily with my Cricut and added some cork board embellishments to pull the colors together.  I then did a little stitching over the heart, the doily and the top of the picture in a bold grey to give the design more lift.  I made a banner out of washi tape in all of the colors to raise the overall design to the top and counterbalance the red. Looking  at the photo now, I think less embellishment would have been better.  Oh well, I am just learning.

Enjoy your day!

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