Monday, January 13, 2014

Stuck on U Sketches Project Life Challenge: Vellum

Hello all. I hope you all had a great holiday season.  Stuck on U Sketches has a Project Life Challenge this week where you are to use vellum.  Well, for a digital scrapper, I was completely puzzled on how I could do that.  But where there is will there is a way.  I found a tutorial on line where I could change the opacity of paper in Photoshop to make it look like vellum.  I have used these pictures in a previous PL project, but wanted to show you how you can create vellum using features in Photoshop.This will be my last digital project life project and I wanted to leave you with bits of knowledge I have gained along the way should you decide to go digital.

First, there is a lot more motivation to do Project Life if all you have to do is find files and edit in Photoshop.  It was very easy for me to keep up.  Second, there is an Effects feature that will allow you to make your pictures look like they are laying on the page. Third, there is a lot of files out there, some free, that allow you to do just about anything digitally that you can do on paper.  It is less expensive and probably less time consuming.

However, I have decided to take project life to paper.  Mainly because my whole purpose of scrapping is to leave a legacy of albums that tell our story.  I am not sure that many folks will find a CD or USB Storage Device 30 years from now. It will probably be written over by that time. So going forward, my PL projects will be different.   I will still do layouts of my favorite photos, but will mostly resolve to take more pictures and really tell the story behind them.

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