Sunday, April 14, 2013

Card Storage

As I build my inventory of cards for the year I am finding that I am running out of places to store them neatly. Leave it to Regina at the Cutting Café to come up with the perfect solution for me.  This suitcase not only is pretty and fun to make, but it also serves a purpose.  The design comes with three inserts that you can use to use it for storage.  There are three that come with it, but I opted for the A2 card storage option. 

Regina Easter, at the Cutting Café, recommends a sturdy cardstock, like Basic Gray for the paper that you use. I do to. My Minds Eye would be another good choice.  I used what I had, which is the cardstock you can buy at Walmart, because I wanted to print the papers However, as much as I straightened the inner edges of the lid last night while drying, you can see they still buckled a little.  A sturdier paper would not have done that.  Had I known, I would have put a weight on the troubled edge to keep them straight  I swear they were straight when I went to bed.  I used Samantha Walker's Rosie Collection to print the papers.  I got the whole set for $1 on one of  Jessica Sprague's  One Buck Wednesday deals.
Regina used brads for her hardware. I used a mixture of brass brads and antique adhesive gems. It was much easier than poking 18 extra holes and using up my now limited number of brads.  I did use brads for the handle though.  I figured I would be using the handle a lot to pull it out of the shelf  I am to put it on.  I had to shorten the inner sides a bit to accommodate the place I want to put this. Otherwise, the pink polka dots would have shown more on the overall design.   I got the lace at Debbie's Lace and Trims.
I wanted to make the pocket look like it was divided, so I scaled down a pattern size in my silhouette where it looked like it had three sections.  I placed ribbon over the seam marks you get when you do that, then punched little flowers  using Martha Stewart's Hydrangea punch.  Boy that thing is handy.
There is a cute little luggage tag that comes with this set.  I have made the outer pocket, but have not decided what to put in as the label.  Cards just didn't seem to do the design I am still pondering on that one.  But when put with the box, it looks awesome!
This was really fun and easy to make. Regina has a Tutorial on showing you what I mean.  I was intimidated when I saw the box, but loved it so much, I investigated it further. Regina follows the KISS principal. I should have known.  Well I am off to store my cards now and free up the covey where they are currently tucked. 
By the by...this design does work with the Silhouette SD.  I am dreaming of getting a Cameo so I will never have to ask that question but for now SD Users, feel free to purchase this one, worry free.
If you need a little inspiration, head over to the Cutting Cafe's blog.  Their team has great ideas on how to use their products and the site is pure eye candy.  Make sure you have an hour or two to spare though. The site is addicting....  lol.  Enjoy!


Lizzyc said...

Oh this is gorgeous and practical!

Tracey said...

Just it Holly and the papers are so pretty. Gosh another thing I need to buy!