Sunday, January 8, 2012


Our grandson was looking at the cupcakes on the dessert table at a party we threw a few weeks ago most of the night. His brother has type diabetes so his parents do not let anyone in the house have sweets. Grandpa broke the rules

I used theCricut Craft Room to make this layout using the Cricut Craft Room Basics. The folder photo mat and clipboard were from Fabulous Finds. The cupcake was from Yummy using Hop Scotch patterns, the bee for "the sting" was from Art Nouveau.

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Nanne said...

great work with the craft room.. I'm still working on trying it out, every time I log on I lose my patients with it, too slow..LOL
by the way, Grand-pa's always break the rules when it comes to their grand kids, just a friendly little FYI :) LOL